First of all, can I just say how excited I am that you found your way here! I am so happy and grateful for all of you out there supporting this little adventure I'm on. Because of YOU, my dreams for myself and my family are coming true. Thank you for all your love and support, it means the world. 
My name is Cassidy! I am a 30 something choosing to be 25 for life. I have a serious love for cozy blankets and dance parties with my son. I even dance in public and tend to embarrass my family and friends. There are wayyyy too many memes floating around the internet that describe me perfectly. I am a creative, perfectionist, love dancing (did I mention this already?), taking pretty pictures, coloring my son's kids menu at every restaurant we go to, cleaning + organizing, running, and all things techy. 
Velvet Rush happened when I decided to put all my hidden techy talents to good use along with my love for online shopping and desire to put a little fun back into my daily grind (and closet). Velvet Rush offers cute comfortable clothing, accessories, shoes, gifts and more to fit your style.