The Key To Successful Poshmark Sales

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I was on a serious side hustle search for some extra income when I stumbled across Poshmark. Actually, I had heard of Poshmark before and even signed up back in 2015. I think I just looked around for a minute and then forgot about it honestly. Fast forward to 2018, I had quit my office job, ran out of savings, and didn’t have a need for about 80% of the clothes or shoes in my closet anymore, so I decided to give Poshmark it a try. To my surprise, things started to take off pretty quickly. I made my first sale before I had even purchased packaging materials! I quickly gained over 10K followers, sold more clothing items, got listed as a Top-Rated Seller, and reached Poshmark Ambassador Status! #holysmokes

By focusing on the following 6 key things, I was able to make sales quickly and become a Top-Rated seller in just 2 weeks of making my first listing.

The Key To Successful Poshmark Sales Are:

  1. Take Good Photos

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Flat lays have been the trend on Poshmark lately. To achieve a great flat lay, place your items flat on a cute background. You can even dress it up with with a few additional items to give your image a little more personality. It makes selling on Poshmark easier, and it's more pleasing to the eye. My flat lay items tend to sell twice as fast others. In addition to the flat lay image, I will include 4 -6 additional detail images of the item for sale including tags with size etc. .

Photo Supplies you should have for selling on Poshmark

The items that I use flay lay for sell twice as fast others. Backgrounds are really cheap and affordable, check out all of these backdrops on Amazon! You can also check out this kit on Amazon that includes the background, scaffolding, and umbrella lighting. The backdrops are also good to use if you have a mannequin. It really helps pop out your product.

If you get a backdrop to use behind your mannequin, I suggest purchasing the stand too because it definitely helps! I have one and LOVE it.

As I said before, I do also use mannequins based upon the item I am trying to sell. They are fairly cheap, so it wouldn’t hurt to have one as well, especially for dresses and coats. You can do an actual mannequin bust like this beautiful one or simply get a hollow form like this one.

2. Price Items Reasonably

Be reasonable when it comes to pricing your items and do it honestly. I know you want to make money off your items, but you won’t make sales if you overprice your items. Price according to wear and tear, brand, and age. You can include the original price if you know it, but I price according to the condition of the item. If you are selling something that still has tags on it (also known as NWT or New With Tags), you can price a little higher. In reality, for NWT items, you should price around 40% - 50% off retail and then 60% or more off retail for all other items.

It’s also important to remember that the buyer will be paying a shipping fee of around $4.99. Because of this many people like to make offers and negotiate on Poshmark so keep the price fair, but start at the top of what you want. I have had offers on a number of times for $3 to $5 less than I asked, but I see it as the buyer trying to knock off some of the shipping cost.

3. Follow Other Poshers

Follow other Poshers and interact with them. If you’re just getting started on Poshmark, you need to increase your number of followers so that your items get seen. The more people you follow, the more people will follow you. More followers equal more sales.

Poshmark makes it super easy to search items by brand and size. Follow people that are posting similar items as you have in your closet. Pick the brands and sizes similar to the items you are selling and follow, follow, follow. Aim to follow 500 - 1000+ people. Once people start following you back, Poshmark will start recommending you as someone worth following to other users, which will get you more followers and more sales!

4. Share Your Listings Daily

When you create and post your listings, it will automatically be shared with your followers, but it will quickly disappear rarely to be seen again. With Posh Parties and closet shares happening constantly, it’s important to keep your items in front of your followers. Share your listings often, even daily if you want to sale your items quickly. It’s totally fine to share your items multiple times until they get sold.

5. Share Other Posher Listings

Share listings that are similar to yours for other Poshers. This is a great way to show other Poshers support as well as a great way to increase your following. When you share other posher listings, they’ll typically return the favor and share their favorite items from your closet. More listing shares equal more sales.

6. Join Posh Parties

Posh parties are a great way to get your listings in front of people. Posh parties happen often and typically have specific themes. See examples below.

Share any items from your closet that are eligible for each party and interact with other Poshers. Show them love with comments and/or sharing items you like from other closets. The more you are active on Poshmark, the more your chance of sales increase!

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