How To Package Your Poshmark Sales

Shipping Supplies for Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is fun because the creative packaging is really stressed along with a thank you note. Now, these aren’t totally necessary, but they can ensure your buyers are going to give you better ratings! Good ratings are important because it can lead to more or fewer sales.


  • I typically wrap each item in tissue paper. The tissue paper helps to protect your item, gives your packaging a personal touch, and shows you care.

  • I put every item I ship into a clear, plastic zip bag. Remember, the boxes are not waterproof, so just putting your item into the box, even if it is wrapped in tissue paper, still poses the risk that something could become wet and damaged during shipment. I also try to put my thank you card in the clear bag to keep it from getting wet.

  • After you get everything packed into your box, make sure you tape the box closed. Do not trust that the adhesive on the shipping box is enough to hold the box closed until it reaches its destination. Also, make sure that your label is taped securely to the box and is not peeling off in any way.

  • I also highly recommend using boxes to ship hats, jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics. The box will provide a secure barrier around the item and keep it from being squished by other boxes and items during transit.


  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. Wrap and make your Posh packages pretty for your buyers. I get compliments about my packaging in my reviews, so trust me, they will notice.

  • Save things like tissue paper, packing paper, and bubble wrap from other packages you receive. These things can be easily recycled, and you’ll have more money to spend on Poshmark!

  • If you can’t make it to the post office, you can go online to see if your address qualifies for package pickup by USPS. You just enter in your address and your mail carrier will pick up your packages during their normal route. Check out all of these awesomely printed poly mailers.

I highly suggest getting a label printer for all your Poshmark labels. This one is a popular one among most Poshmark sellers and will make your life much easier! 

And of course, no package could be Poshmark complete without a cute thank you card! Here is some neat Thank You postcards if you’re interested!


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